Friday, 6 February 2009

Ok, so I had better start by formally introducing myself; Hello, I'm Katie :). I guess that only works if anyone actually reads this...

My first four posts were poetry, and I know that may seem a little... y'know, but I wanted, after spending a fair few hours labouring over them for my university submissions so that I now consider them my babies, to set them free into the big bad world. It also serves to eliminate the need for a witty opening that will make you want to read on... so I'm happy :)

Poem: A Post-It Note

A Post – It Note
I found it in the back of drawer,
Covered in dust, and crumpled,
It had lain unnoticed.
Can't believe I've forgotten
How you wrote it make me smile
And hid it amongst my things.
A badly drawn heart,
An I and a U.
I'll stick it on my mirror,
And make a promise
To always pick it up when it falls.

Poem: After The Rain

After the Rain
The umbrellas are tentatively put away,
hoods are taken down,
after the rain.
The birds circle the fields
looking for their tasty treasure,
after the rain.
Children jump in puddles
and parents scold
after the rain.
The world has awoken
and is greener
after the rain.

Poem: Flowers

Today I saw
a man give a woman flowers,
A rainbow bouquet of carnations and daises,
a forest of roses and lilies.
Why have you never given me flowers?

Poem: Snow

The anticipation lasts for weeks,
face lit by the glow of the TV,
I'm waiting for the verdict,
from the woman dressed in an ink blue suit,
gesturing theatrically over a map.
And then I hear it,
'Snow forecast for the South of England.'
I wake before the alarm, dash to the window,
full of hopes and wishes,
I pull back the curtain to be greeted by a talcum powder covered world.
The breath catches in my throat.
Blasted by cold air as I step outside,
the snow crackles like fire underneath my step.
The moon creates diamonds hidden amongst the flakes that fall around me.
My own ticker tape parade.
My feet growing cold, I retreat indoors.
Turning around I see my footsteps,
the only mark on a virginal landscape,
already being concealed,
so another can be entranced, just like me.